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Tax Brackets 2012 Single Married Filing Jointly Head of Household
10% Bracket
15% Bracket
25% Bracket
28% Bracket
33% Bracket
35% Bracket
$0 – $8,700
$8,700 – $35,350
$35,350 – $85,650
$85,650 – $178,650
$178,650 – $388,350
$0 – $17,400
$17,400 – $70,700
$70,700 – $142,700
$142,700 – $217,450
$217,450 – $388,350
$0 – $12,400
$12,400 – $47,350
$47,350 – $122,300
$122,300 – $198,050
$198,050 – $388,350

Tax Brackets: What They Are And Why We Need To Know Them

Paying taxes can be a pain. Every year, working individuals and business owners have to pay their taxes according to their tax brackets. Computing for income tax and preparing your income tax return document may be one of the yearly activities that you do not look forward to but is a necessity you just have to fulfill.

Therefore, to make the whole process go without a hitch, even if it takes some time out of your busy life, you have to learn how that tax system works. It is one of those "necessary evils" to be a good citizen staying in accordance with your country and avoiding the possibility of being bombarded by the Internal Revenue Service. For some, filing that seemingly simple document comes with questions and concerns. We're trying to bring you the most useful tax information to help with your tax decsions.


The basics of the brackets...

The basics of the tax brackets is that the higher you are earning the more tax you pay. And, in this country, your civil status will also affect your income tax wherein being single will get you to pay more while having dependents will lessen your tax. Knowing this, you realize that the government is fair in its tax system to all citizens allowing for higher tax to those who are deemed to be rich while the middle class pay less. The ones who are earning at minimum wages have lower taxes and may even have more tax exemptions than the others may.

If you must know, there are assigned income ranges to help determine which of the tax brackets you belong.  Therefore, this makes the tax computation a little easier on your part if you are the one preparing for it.  The income range is adjusted every year to have room for increasing inflation rates.  You do not have to think that just because your income is also increasing every year, the added income is just as simple as to add more tax to your earnings.  The government has done their part in studying how the tax system works so you just need to do your part and pay the exact income tax.


Income Tax Brackets for the Employed...

tax bracketsFor the employed, you only need to compute your total income tax and then see if your pre-tax income satisfies the tax guidelines.  With the knowledge of tax brackets and tax preparation, you are able to identify if you paid enough income tax already or you should be getting a refund or pay more.  Therefore, it is not just the responsibility of the employer to compute for your income tax.  You should also know the tax you are paying as this will also give you the right to ask the government the appropriate services due to you.  Taxes are basically paid to make sure that the government is able to serve the people properly and secure the people and the area accordingly.


For the Self Employed...

If you are an executive or an entrepreneur, you might require a longer period to prepare for income tax because of the various considerations to take into account.  As you are self-employed, you want to accumulate as many tax deductions as you can, and not just base your income tax according to the tax brackets.  As you might find the tax preparation more strenuous on your part, you might want to hire a tax preparer to do the difficult part for you.  However, it does not mean that you have to pass up the chance to learn about taxation.  Even if someone else writes up the income tax return, you also must understand how the tax system works to check for yourself if you are indeed paying the right income tax.


Your Tax Status...

When preparing for your income tax, the tax brackets are based on civil status such as single, married filing jointly or qualified widow/widower, married filing separately and head of household.tax brackets

With all this information, you might find the tax computation overwhelming but do not give up yet.  The tax calculator is a tool that will help you in your tax calculation.  The IRS and other tax preparation businesses make use of the internet to make tax filing easy for you. Now you can check for online services that also offer these tax calculators. Examples are Turbo Tax, 1040.com, efile.com, easycalculation.com, Tax Estimator and many more that offer such tool.

It is realized that even if people file taxes yearly, they still need all the assistance they can get to make tax preparation as breezy as possible. This is not a problem you can always ask, or gain assistance from tax preparers. Being knowledgeable about tax preparation, filing, and understanding its tax laws can make the thought of taxes less dreadful than you think.

The deadline of filing for income tax is an inevitable obligation. Therefore, it is best to relearn the tax brackets and get ready.  You simply have to go out of your way and do what it takes to prepare for your income tax return the right way.  With the guidance of the tax brackets and the assistance of the tax calculator, or  tax preparation, payments may not be so bad after all.